Big, soft-hearted, dim-witted brute muscled like an ox.


Nunk is a huge (8 foot tall), demi-ogre with a heavily muscled frame, little to no hair, a big nose, and a simple expression on his face. Numerous scars cover his body, especially his back and arms. Though generally amiable and easily cowed, he can be fiercely protective of his friends.


Not much yet is known of Nunk’s past, but the party freed him from the underground temple of the Cult of the Demon Klassh’Tuu under the city of Shardeej. When they subsequently rescued the dwarf Dimitrios Brog, they discovered Brog to be the former master of Nunk, and evidently a cruel one at that. Nunk’s scars came from beatings and from a special shoulder saddle Brog used to ride the big fellow around.

The party bought Nunk from Brog and has for the time being taken him under their collective wing.


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