Valavanora Sherburn

Healer, knowledgeable friend, and death-aspected druid


She is 16 years old, with deep violet eyes. She has white bangs and brown-gold hair, that reaches to the middle of her back. Her shirt is long sleeved, and a dark green color, and her leggings are a dark brow. She wears a short leather skirt, with a belt that has a copper buckle. Her boots are brown , and lace-up. (of course) She has a red feather in her hair.


An experienced traveling druid. When she became a full druid, she got her familiar, a Peregrine Falcon named Dera. Her father(one of the great druid leaders) was killed in The Druid War when she was 8 years old, and her mother died of a necromantic sickness. This was brought on by dark weapons supplied by Andromeda’s father. An enemy clan, The Black Dragons, took over her lands as victory after the war. She fled, hoping to gather allies and make her magic stronger, so she could return and save her people.In the Druid Lands, names show rank, and short names are considered undignified. Valavanora’s full name is Lady Ashkira Adara Emlyn Aminacathria. In her adventures, she got vitally injured, ad met briefly with death. They made a deal (which is unknown for now) and he let her go. Before she left, turned her bangs white as a mark to her to remember to keep their deal. She now goes on adventures with her friends, finds unimaginable treasures, and beheads cultists.

Valavanora Sherburn

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