Heavy Masterwork short sword of pale gold metal with black serpents intertwined on the blade, a pommel of garnet worked in the form of a skull

weapon (melee)


Appearance: Heavy Masterwork short sword of pale gold metal with black serpents intertwined on the blade, a pommel of garnet worked in the form of a skull

Owner: Arian Saeth


Masterwork weapon forged from orichalcum: 1d6+2 damage, unbreakable by normal means and highly resistant to magic.

When a new owner picks up Scourge, take a scarlet d6 and set it to “1." Anytime you roll the dice while wielding Scourge, you can swap the scarlet die’s current value for one of your dice. That die’s value becomes Scourge’s new Fated value.

So if I roll a 4 and a 5 and get 9, I may want to downgrade to a 1 and a 5 and rely on my stat to pass the check (or my skill to keep from failing on a 6-). So you have to suffer a few setbacks to power Scourge up, but then you’ll have a 5 or 6 stored in the sword, waiting for a crucial roll to use it.

When the player is using Scourge to confront evil magic users and creatures of magic, use Scourge’s die value for the Die of Fate result for things related to the wielder without swapping it!

When you swap out a 6, the sword utters a psychic scream heard only by the wielder and any magic-users within half a mile.

When the stored die is a 5 or 6, the blade turns blood-red and glows in the dark. Add the tag messy while the die remains at this level.

When the stored die is 1 or 2, the sword is morose and irritable. Apply the tag unlucky while the die remains at this level.

When wielding Scourge, any 6’s rolled to hit for for damage with the sword “explode,” meaning you keep the six and reroll that die, adding the result to your total. If you swap out the six per FATED WEAPON, you do not reroll at that time, but may reroll at the time you swap in that six.

Deals +1d6 damage to any character who has a Special Ability from the Wizard class. When Scourge successfully deals the death-blow to a magic user, take +1 forward with the weapon until the next die swap per FATED WEAPON, above. This +1 is cumulative.

Scourge has an active, intelligent spirit inside. This spirit has its own agenda and possesses its own Will which it can use to influence the wielder toward its ends. It grants the skill Wizard Lore to the wielder, which is knowledge about wizards based on the spirit’s experience in hunting and killing them. Scourge does not communicate via telepathy or words, but by changes in the blade’s physical state (heat, weight, vibration). It can also influence or even control the wielder’s body if the wielder does not remain vigilant and firm of will (WIS rolls to determine).

Instincts for the Spirit:

  • slay evil magic users or magic users who commit “evil” by the spirit’s standards, esp. any remaining servants of the evil undead wizards once known as the Ashen Kings
  • slay magical monsters
  • not retreat when faced with either of the above
  • torment its wielder when he or she does not follow the sword’s fated purpose
  • slay whatever hinders it from destroying the servants of the Ashen Kings—or the Ashen Kings themselves, if any survive
  • do not tolerate the wielder using other weapons to accomplish Scourge’s fated purpose

Scourge grants the wielder the skill Sense Magic User, which it communicates wordlessly via a physical change in the sword (i.e., temperature, light, weight, etc.).

When Scourge does damage to a magician, the wielder may change a stored 6 per FATED WEAPON to a ‘1’ in order to sever a Spirit Mark on the wounded magic user and break that mark’s pact or bond with the allied spirit. The magic user cannot summon that spirit again for a year and a day.

Most spirits do not care for Scourge, considering it arrogant and destructive. They tend to treat the wielder with caution, distrust, or hostility. However, spirits of justice, vengeance, or war may be more friendly.


Scourge was a weapon forged for use in the struggle against the Ashen Kings, powerful Undead wizard-tyrants who dominated the southern lands hundreds of years ago. In the course of this long war, the sword changed hands many times, but was wielded at the siege of the Stained City of Durga’alos where it struck down the hideous Ireshkanri, Queen of Maggots, one of the last and most powerful Ashen Kings. With her fall, the other Kings fled. Many were hunted down and slain in later years, but the fates of three were never ascertained.

When last noted in the scrolls of history, Scourge had been carried into the deep desert by its last known wielder, an eastern barbarian named Nathor, neither to be written of again.


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