Dagger that can deal out justice to the dead

weapon (melee)

THORN has four powers granted to it by the Judge Nagrasagiel.

1) It replaces one of the d6s the player normally uses. When wielded against the living or using it merely in self-defense, the player rolls a d4 (plus another d6) instead of 2d6. If it is used against the Dead with the intent of staying in the battle until the Dead are put to rest, the wielder rolls a d10. If it is wielded in a battle against Dead that are not put to rest (i.e., the wielder flees or the Dead escape), then the dagger user only rolls 2d4 with it until it is successfully used to put Dead to rest, at which time it resumes its former power. Its other powers will not function until it is “reconsecrated in judgment.”

2) Thorn grows cold in the presence of Undead.

3) Thorn can strike any manner of Dead, Undead, or ghosts regardless of whether they are material.

4) When the wielder sacrifices 1 HP of damage and uses the Turn Special Ability, Thorn adds +2 to the roll. This HP may not be healed until the next new moon. If the wielder does not possess the Turn special ability, she may invoke Nagrasagiel and sacrifice 1d6 HP to gain the ability for one immediate use. These HP may not be healed until the next new moon.


This dagger started out normal until Andromeda preformed a ritual to call upon the Demi-God Nagrasagiel. Nagrasagiel granted it the power of justice and in return took Andromeda’s left eye leaving a void socket able to see visions of the dead.

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