House Rules

Group Rolls

It’s one of those common problem areas in games – if everyone rolls and it just takes one failure for the group to fail, the odds of failure are super high.

Here’s an alternative: everyone rolls and counts successes.

6- = 0
7-9 = 1
10-11 = 2
12 = 3

If, as a group, you don’t get at least as many successes as the number of people rolling, it’s a hard move against everyone who rolled 6-.

This way, those who roll better can help balance out those who rolled worse and help even out the otherwise horrible odds of failure in a group roll.

(It’s sort of the opposite problem of the group Perception / Spot roll, where you want to have as many people rolling as possible because 1 success = total success.)

Alternative to straight Hit Point damage

Note: We’re not using this rule, but I’m putting it here as a possibility.

When you resist harm, the GM will tell you what injury threatens your life. Roll + number of hit points you’d like to spend. On a hit, choose options. On a 13+, all of them. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1.

  • You can ignore this injury for now, it doesn’t hamper you
  • You got lucky: the injury’s not as big a deal as it seemed
  • You maintain your position or advantage, and can react immediately (maybe even take +1 forward)
    On a miss, you suffer the injury in full, right now.

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House Rules

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