Welcome to the Dungeon Girls campaign wiki!

Players, feel free to check things out. Each page has instructions on how to upload and format content. Feel free to fool around. You can’t break anything. :-) If you’re up for posting biographical information about your character, feel free to do so under the Characters tab. I’ve set up Wiki space for different parts of the world. You can also post in here if you like, but run it by me first. You can message me via the site if you have questions.

So far everybody has posted under their character names. That’s perfect. Please don’t use your real names here.

You can highlight text you type in and click the formatting buttons above to do things like Bold or Italic. If you have images you have scanned in or found on the internet, you can upload those from your computer—things like character pictures, etc. Valavanora created her avatar at Doll Divine and did a screen grab to get the part she wanted for her thumbnail picture.


Dungeon Girls!

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