Confused Paladin from the Order of Ceredwin


Born into the Ndio Bahari (more commonly knows as the Order of Ceredwin) Arsalan is a well trained and brought up Paladin. He carries a large, t-shaped shield that is nearly 12 hands tall and 9 hands across the widest point. His weapon of choice is a one-handed masterwork sword that he obtained from the temple of Klassh-Tuu.


Sent on his first official mission as a full-fledged Paladin, Arsalan traveled to the desert town of Shardeej to keep tabs on a powerful necromancer. Many years previously, the dark experiments and rituals of Mortimer Payne came to the attention of the Ndio Bahari. His evil acts and consorts with demons cast a shadow over the lands that had to be dealt with. A team of Paladins is sent and they eventually trap Mortimer into the Void.

However, his daughter, Andromeda, looks into the darkness. As some say, eyes are the doors to the soul, and a dark essence slips inside of her. Because of this, and the fact that she is the daughter of possibly the most evil necromancer in the world, the Order of Ceredwin took the responsibility of keeping Andromeda safe and ensuring that she does not pose a threat to those around her.

Now, it’s Arsalan’s turn to watch over her, and upon entering the desert city of Shardeej, he finds himself at the doorstep of a dark and dangerous dungeon, accompanied by only five strange warriors.


Dungeon Girls! Arsalan